Sennheiser HD558 Cable Replacement- Blue&Black

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Technical Information

  • Wire Type             -  Copper
  • Wire Size              - 24 AWG
  • Wire Construction - OFC
  • Overall Length      - 4 ft / 48 in / 1219.2 mm / 121.92 cm
  • Sleeve                  -  Blue&Black


LEO HEADPHONE UPGRADE CABLE cable is perfect cable for home studios suffering from wiring and grounding problems. LEO CABLE should also be used where intense RFI interference is a problem. LEO CABLE provides an improvement in signal to noise of 10-20db over equivalent twisted pair cables. Double conductors quad cables are more effective in canceling noise that can get past even the best of shields and is critical in an environment of high RF and EM interference. Conductor insulation is XLPE ( Cross-Linked Polyethylene) which has excellent electrical characteristics and prevents shrink-back during soldering. Served (spiral) Bare Copper Shield is superior to foil or braided shields for sound quality and simplifies termination.

One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Manufacturer’s Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headgear Audio.



Compatibility with other devices will be updated here soon.