Headphone Modding Services In IndiaFor owners of headphones having non-removable cable we bring a possibility of re-cabling Headgear Audio's SPC cable to their favorite headphones. It is possible to replace the cable in basically 99% headphones on the market with no or just slight modification of headphones itself. Before sending the headphones, send us email to confirm the details, return shipping costs and re-cabling possibility. All ATHENA SILVER CABLE are carefully hand braided using HIGH Purity OCC single crystal silver with teflon insulation wire for best in class sound quality and supreme EMI reduction. With their multi-strand construction they are perfectly suitable even for portable setups, thanks to highly flexible braiding and custom formulated type of PE insulation. They offer balanced sound reproduction with excellent dynamics pushing sound quality to the next level, while maintaining the natural sound signature. 



Headphone Recabling Service at Headgear Audio

ATHENA SILVER CABLE are 100% handmade in INDIA by qualified staff only. Thanks to strict quality control and selection of components, we are proud to cover every our product by 6-months warranty. We offer broad selection of options, though if you do not find any specific – just send us an email. We will be happy to provide you with the one perfectly suitable for you. 

To preserve the natural state of environment and reduce the footprint we use only Cardas lead-free solder and eco-friendly packaging made of fully biodegradable cardboard and ecological cotton.



Length: from 1.25m (cable only) 
Wire: 8 cores of AWG36  HIGH Purity OCC single crystal silver with teflon insulation
Termination: Various 
Solder: Cardas Tri Eutetic 100% lead-free solder 
Origin: Hand made in INDIA

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Commonly asked questions. Here are the answer.

  • If you are not sure if the recable can be done ,drop us an email at contact@headgearaudio.in with the problem to check with us.
  • Recabling fee will vary. it will depend on the cable used. It may cost more if it is more complicated to recable a particular model.
  • If recabling cannot be done upon assessment ,only recabling fee and cables fee is refunded

Terms and conditions

  • WE are not responsible for the pre-existing damage on your earphones and headphones
  • Recabling may resolve loss of sound due to damaged cables. However, we are not responsible for any loss of sound even after recabling due to other underlying problems.
  • All recabling is done to the best of our ability.



 There are headphone/earphone models that can't be serviced due to a high risk of driver and voice coil wire damage when disassembled.  If the particular model has been done before successfully by Headgear Audio Cables or by a third party, Headgear Audio Cables goes on successful precedence that it may be done.

Although, Headgear Audio Cables executes best practices with great care, any number of failure(s) can occur during the recabling process due to the fragile nature of very small components that may result in permanent failure.  Therefore, after consultation and paid service, customer accepts the risks involved with the recabling service, and agrees that Headgear Audio Cables is only liable to reimburse only the service cost as stated on the invoice (shipping to Triton Audio Cables is not included in reimbursement).

Thank you for your understanding.  Please send inquiry to discuss the details and possibilities.


Ways to send your headphones or earphones for recabling

  • Send it by registered mail/courier.



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