REL-CU Subwoofer Speakon Cable

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LENGTH: 1.5 meter

1.5 meter
2 meter
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Upgrade the performance of your REL subwoofer with the premium REL Cu cables . It's specially designed to deliver the best possible sound quality.

  • Ultra pure copper conductors, cutting edge PVC compounds, smooth signal transmission, toughness and flexibility.

    A High Quality upgrade cable for 'REL' subwoofers manufactured using Genuine Neutrik Connectors and the world renowned Van Damme speaker cable

    Gold plated spade connectors






    High-level connection, using the enclosed cable with the Neutrik Speakon connector, is always the first choice. By connecting to the amplifier’s speaker outputs the sonic signature of the entire amplification chain is folded into the signal for the sub, thereby keeping timing and timbre cues consistent. In other words, the signal sent to the REL is the same signal sent to the speakers, allowing for seamless integration. This connection can be made without affecting the performance of the amplifier because the sub’s amplifier input impedance is 100,000 ohms. This scheme also avoids adding any detrimental effects by not interposing any additional electronics into the amplification chain.


    •The standard high level hook up procedure is: attach the red wire to the amplifier’s right positive speaker output terminal; attach the yellow wire to the amplifier’s left positive speaker output terminal; attach the black wire to which ever of the amplifier’s ground output terminals is convenient; plug the Speakon connector into the sub’s high level input.


    •For differential amplifiers using one sub, simply use the standard connecting scheme with the exception of connecting ground to chassis ground, not to speaker output ground, and then connecting into the high level input (Hi Input or Unbal Hi Input on Stentor III and Studio III).


    •For differential amplifiers using two subs for each channel: connect red to positive; yellow to negative; and black to chassis ground; plug the Speakon into the balanced high level input (Bal Hi Input). Low-level connection, RCA inputs (or XLR on some models), is always an option, should high-level connection not be possible, or in a theatre system where both high-level and low-level connection should be used. When connecting to the low level inputs, connect a single RCA cable to the 0dB RCA jack. Additional gain can be achieved by connecting to the +12dB input. If you are connecting two channels of stereo output from a pre-amplifier, simply use a high-quality y-adaptor to sum the two signals together.



    The optimal position for a REL is in one of the corners behind the main speakers. This position provides 9 dB of mechanical amplification and allows for the most linear true low bass wave launch, owing to the ability to tune the sub to the axial node of the room, or longest throw distance


      Six Months Manufacturer's Warranty

      Manufacturer’s Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headgear Audio.


      1.5 meter, 2 meter, 2.5 meter, 3 meter, 3.5 meter, 4 meter, 4.5 meter, 5 meter


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      Hi Level REL interconnects

      I was using the original cables supplied by REL. The low end performance of my REL subs were good. Then I came across the cables made for REL by HGA which I ordered. After hooking up these cables the performance of my REL Subwoofers improved considerably and the lows became much deeper. Thanks Pradeep.