Headphone and Earphone Recabling Services

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Rs. 2,500.00
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  • Recable your headphones and earphones suffering from general loss of sound ( if fault lies in the cable).
  • Upgrade to better cables from stock cable for better sound.
  • Do our best to revive your beloved audio products.
  • Recabling will be done professionally by experienced audio engineers.


Are your favorite earphones or earbuds failing? Sounds cuts out from left or right channel or both? Stock cable has hardened and cracked? Stereo connector broken? Or all the above? Revive them back to their sonic glory with a complete recable service with the option for a balanced connector termination.  You choose the four wire color(s) that adds durability and aesthetic appeal from what was there before.  This recabling service is different than a re-termination service where only a connector is replaced.

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I have my own cable, Athena silver upgrade cable for iem, Athena silver upgrade cable for headphone


3.5mm single ended, 2.5mm balanced, 4 pin xlr balanced, 4.4mm balanced for sony


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