Litsa Gold Headphone Cable

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Amplifier Connection: 3.5mm (Single Ended/For Portable Devices)

  • 3.5mm (Single Ended/For Portable Devices)
  • 6.3mm (Single Ended/For Desktop Amplifiers)
  • 25mm TRRS (Balanced/For Astell&Kern and Onkyo)
  • 3.5mm TRRS (Balanced / For HiFiMan and Sony)
  • 3.5mm (Balanced/For Sony)
  • 4.4mm TRRRS (Balanced/For Sony)

Headphone Connection: AKG(K 702)

  • AKG(K 702)
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  • Wire Type             - Ice Crystal Insulated Litz
  • No of Wires           - 4 (Round Braiding)
  • Wire Size              - 0.95mm Diameter
  • Wire Construction - 7NOCC
  • Overall Length      - 4ft / 48 in / 1219.2 mm / 121.92 cm

Technical Information

  Diameter                0.95

  Braiding                   ROUND

  Strands                   40

  Length                    1.2m

  AWG                       42

  Core                        8

  Wire                         Litz

  Purity                       7NOCC



Did you know that alloys are actually less conductive than pure metals?

It’s scientifically proven that using a pure metal, like our OCC litz wire, will result in better conductivity. By using a high-quality litz wire and a continuous casting process, our cables are built to be extremely durable.

Lits crystal copper gold plated having 20 bundles of ultrapure single-crystal litz bundles are arrayed into a cylindrical-tube layout inside each Integrated Wire. This design greatly reduces skin effect as each strand is kept close to the surface as the bundles rotate 360 degrees, equalizing impedance throughout the wire from end to end.  Each tiny strand of OCC Copper litz is coated in an invisible, razor-thin enamel layer which prevents oxidation and cross-talk between strands, eliminating diodic junctions and their resulting propensity for energy storage.  This is our most substantial conductor to date and is more than ample for all audio system.

These cables are Carefully hand braided and  consists of 4 cores of Lits crystal copper gold plated. Soldered with Cardas ultra pure, Quad Eutectic solder for the perfect joining of connector to conductor. 7N copper transmits electrical signals faster and with less distortion than ordinary OFC wires

One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Manufacturer’s Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headgearaudio.

All variants

Amplifier Connection

3.5mm (single ended/for portable devices), 6.3mm (single ended/for desktop amplifiers), 25mm trrs (balanced/for astell&kern and onkyo), 3.5mm trrs (balanced / for hifiman and sony), 3.5mm (balanced/for sony), 4.4mm trrrs (balanced/for sony)

Headphone Connection

Akg(k 702), Beyerdynamic t1



Compatibility with other devices will be updated here soon.