BNC TO BNC Coaxial Cable

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Rs. 7,000.00
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             This cable is utterly raw, unclouded, and amazingly smooth. It’s able to maintain a nice sense of warmth while keeping the noise floor very low. This enables very good focus, speed, tactility, and accurate timbre. Voices and instrumentation have lifelike resolution and continuity. The low-end hits hard with exceptional body, precision, and slam. Horns and cymbals are both expressive – and impressive. There’s no roll off or inhibition to the sound. It sings freely into your listening room.

            The BNC-75 gets you out of critical listening and into enjoyment. This cable has a purity, energetic flair, and accuracy that is difficult to beat – especially for its price. No makeup, no facade, no glamour. A reference piece and baseline cable for lifelike resolution.


  • Made using stranded OFC conductors
  • 100% coverage, Ultra-High-density shield
  • Dead quiet and tonally neutral
  • Stable 75 ohm impedance
  • 75 ohms Neutrik Connectors 







    Six Months Manufacturer's Warranty

    Manufacturer’s Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headgear Audio.

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    Compatibility with other devices will be updated here soon.