Athena II Silver Earphone Cable

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Earphone Connection: 0.78mm / 2-Pin /CIEM (Audeze/JH Audio/1964Ears/64Audio etc.

0.78mm / 2-Pin /CIEM (Audeze/JH Audio/1964Ears/64Audio etc.
MMCX (Shure/Ultimate ears/Campfire Audio etc)
Sennheiser (IE7/IE8/IE80)
SENNHEISER (IE200/IE300/IE600/IE900)

Amplifier Connection: 3.5mm (Single Ended/For Portable Devices)

3.5mm (Single Ended/For Portable Devices)
2.5mm TRRS (Balanced/For Astell&Kern and Onkyo)
4.4mm TRRRS (Balanced/For Sony)
6.3mm (Single Ended/For Desktop Amplifiers)

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The Athena II Silver cable is a Bright in nature and improves the bass.The stock cable  shows an average transparency in the midrange, while the Athena II silver has slightly more transparency. 
It is a good fit if you want to enhance bass and clarity in your IEMs and do not want to add coloration. Furthermore, if you do not want to tip the IEM forward or back, then the Athena II silver is a wonderful choice.

    Technical Information
      Diameter                 2.1 mm
      Braiding                   Round
      Strands                   7
      Length                    1.2m
      AWG                       36
      Core                        4
      Wire                        Single Crystal Wire
      Purity                       6NOCC

    Carefully handmade braided cable consists of 4 cores of AWG38 (0.1007mm) HIGH Purity OCC single crystal silver with teflon insulation.
    Terminated with beautiful gold plated 3.5mm Carbon plug with thermal adhesive and transparent heatshrink on one end.
    Gold plated 3.5mm connector on the other side applied firmly using thermal adhesive.
    Soldered with Cardas ultra pure, Quad Eutectic solder for the perfect joining of connector to conductor.
    6N silver transmits electrical signals faster and with less distortion than ordinary OFC wires.
    High grade Teflon insulation gives a predominant air dielectric and is regarded as the best insulator for bare cable.

    One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

    Manufacturer’s Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headgearaudio.

    Earphone Connection

    0.78mm / 2-Pin /CIEM (Audeze/JH Audio/1964Ears/64Audio etc., MMCX (Shure/Ultimate ears/Campfire Audio etc), Sennheiser (IE7/IE8/IE80), SENNHEISER (IE200/IE300/IE600/IE900), A2DC FOR AUDIO TECHNICA

    Amplifier Connection

    3.5mm (Single Ended/For Portable Devices), 2.5mm TRRS (Balanced/For Astell&Kern and Onkyo), 4.4mm TRRRS (Balanced/For Sony), 6.3mm (Single Ended/For Desktop Amplifiers)


    Customer Reviews

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    Sleek, Light, Quality, and Value for money

    The Athena II is described as being bright in nature, improves the bass and transparency, and do not colour the sound.

    Upon receiving the cable I found out it is quite thin and lightweight, being 36AWG. 4 strand, very very supple. No earhooks - which is what I prefer. MMCX connectors are quite premium. In fact all the parts feel quite premium. Cardas ultra pure solder is used. Overall the cable is very comfortable, I can barely notice its presence - just what i expect from a cable in this price range.

    The material is teflon plated 6N OCC Silver Plated Copper.

    I received it the next day after placing the order. I can confirm that their claims regarding its effects on sound are quite legit. Although the changes are not ground breaking, but the enhancement of transparency and tightening of low end become apparent after a while. I am using it with Intime Sho DD, which is quite a bass heavy earphone, and hence the pairing is quite desirable.

    This is a really good cable. It does perform its intended function with the mentioned effects, is very comfortable to use. What more can be expected from a cable of this range? Serious value for money. I liked the cable so much I bought a 2 pin version as well.