Litsa Silver Headphone Upgrade Cable

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I have recently tried out custom handcrafted cables Litsa Silver with Fostex paired up with the ‘beast’ CHORD MOJO for High-Res conversion. I wasn’t accustomed to listening to music over special cables crafted for enriching the Musical experience. I have been accustomed to using the stock cables provided by the brands itself.

The first and only thing that comes to my mind while using interconnects is its compatibility and the build quality. The way in which the cables were built; seemed satisfying to me. Additionally, the silver wires encapsulated in a Teflon kind of tube gave me a basic assurance that I can rely on them.

The cables made a considerable difference in accordance with the stock cables, being an EXTC engineer myself; I was familiar with most of the technical aspects which were kept as a parameter while braiding Litz Silver wire into these cables.

The Litsa proves to be a boon even to a person who doesn’t want to dwell into technicalities and enjoy a whole new world of musical possibilities in terms of the trio wiz. Highs, Mids and the Lows. The ear cup/diaphragm movement of headphones was detected in an instance and I instantly felt the escalated version of clarity listening over poorly induced noise, which is painful in bass/treble.

During the whole session, I never felt a particular frequency range has been stressed, everything seemed to be in its place and no overpowering of bass in spite of turning up the volume. It was very new for me to balance out things in music and parallelly judge them, but it all boiled down to some new and exciting sensations in my ears with the same old gear.

It’s really hard to differentiate the value of such cables in the terms of minute nuances, but after-all, the interconnects play a pivotal role in audio gears only in the later 10-15% of the whole spectrum.