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Since I have a bunch of amplifiers and sources, all with different connections, as well as myriad headphones, none of which seem to share the same connector type, I wound up putting together a fully modular headphone cable system.

There are “core” cables which can be any length and simply connect a “headphone adapter” to an “amplifier adapter”. In general I just leave the amplifier adapters connected to the relevant amplifier and the headphone adapters to the relevant cans. Which in addition to being very flexible, helps avoid wear and tear on those connections:


Those cover the Abyss AB-1266 Phi, Audeze LCD, HD800Utopia and HD6XX/Fostex TH900 Mk2*. I’ve built others for the Focal ElearSony MDR-Z1R (funny screw-on connectors, much like Sony’s microphone cables), Mr. Speakers Aeon and Ether C and so on.

And then the most common amplifier connections I use:




Both my Woo WA234 MONO Mk2 and the iFi Audio Pro iCAN can use dual 3-pin XLRs, which is the first adapter, and then we have the standard 1/4" TRS, 4-pin XLR and the less common 4.4mm TRRRS “Pentaconn” connector used by Sony and Sennheiser.

In doing this, I also decided to apply everything I knew/experienced from an engineering perspective, in building those cables. So these are all-out designs, with very pure, long-chain, OFC, wiring in a complex geometry, with ultra-low impedance and capacitance, heavy copper-matrix shielding, all cryogenically and EBI treated.

As well as enabling dielectric biasing and active shielding.

The modular nature of them means I can do things like put a “Phase Reversal” adapter in the middle or turn an HD6XX cable into a TH900 Mk2 cable (same connector, but both reverse polarity), very easily.


Even with the excellent cables that ship, as standard, with the Audeze LCD-4 and JPS Labs Abyss AB-1266 Phi, I’ve found mine to be more enjoyable to listen to, as well as being more resolving, and wanted them for all my cans/amps.




Compatibility with other devices will be updated here soon.