Iris Silver Earphone Cable

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  • Wire Type             -  Pure Silver
  • No of Wires           - 4 (Round braiding)
  • Wire Size              - 36 AWG
  • Wire Construction - 7NOCC
  • Overall Length      - 1.2m

Technical Information

  Diameter                 2.1

  Braiding                   Round

  Strands                   7

  Length                    1.2m

  AWG                       36

  Core                        8

  Wire                        Single Crystal Wire

  Purity                       6NOCC



Carefully handmade braided cable consists of 4 cores of AWG28 (0.33mm ) solid silver 6N purity wire.

  •  Terminated with beautiful gold plated 3.5mm Carbon plug with thermal adhesive and transparent heatshrink on one end.
  •  Gold plated IEM plugs on the other side applied firmly using thermal adhesive.
  •  Soldered with Cardas eutectic silver audio solder.
  •  Woven Teflon Litz construction is ideal to deliver RFI and EMI rejection and provides low capacitance.
  •  6N silver transmits electrical signals faster and with less distortion than ordinary OFC wires.
  •  High grade Teflon insulation gives a predominant air dielectric and is regarded as the best insulator for bare cable.

    One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

    Manufacturer’s Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headgearaudio.

    All variants

    Amplifier Connection

    3.5mm (single ended/for portable devices), 6.3mm (single ended/for desktop amplifiers), 25mm trrs (balanced/for astell&kern and onkyo), 3.5mm trrs (balanced / for hifiman and sony), 3.5mm (balanced/for sony), 4.4mm trrrs (balanced/for sony)

    Earphone Connection

    0.78mm / 2-pin /ciem (audeze/jh audio/1964ears/64audio etc., Mmcx (shure/ultimate ears/campfire audio etc), 0.75mm (ultimate ears/m-audio/nuforce etc.), Sennheiser (ie7/ie8/ie80)



    Compatibility with other devices will be updated here soon.